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CMB.TECH believes the strong traditions of the maritime industry can work hand in hand with innovation and a pioneering spirit. Our history and track record and the development of new technologies to decarbonise the maritime industry, reinforce and complement each other.

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CMB.TECH is a diversified and future-proof maritime group, leading the way in sustainability.

With a fleet of over 150 seagoing vessels in dry bulk, container transport, chemical tankers, offshore wind, and oil tankers, we develop low-carbon solutions across all our divisions.

Our focus lies in large-scale marine and industrial applications powered by hydrogen or ammonia, showcased through our various brands. At CMB.TECH, we are not just users of clean fuels; we also produce, distribute, and transport hydrogen and ammonia, playing an integral role in the realm of low-carbon fuels.

CMB.TECH is committed to becoming the global benchmark for sustainable shipping.

Our company is listed on Euronext Brussels and the NYSE under the unique code ‘CMBT’.

Our marine brands

CMB.TECH drives on shared values

  • Entrepreneurship

Our entrepreneurial mindset will fuel growth, both shareholders and wider society will benefit from the end results. We are decisive and quick to act with a strong can-do attitude.

  • Family

The way we do business, our ethics and the interaction with our stakeholders are inspired by strong family values: honesty, hard work, openness and solidarity.

  • Growth & innovation

We are pioneers in greening shipping. We adapt to changing environments by developing future-proof products and solutions. We dare to invest in the future, even in the direst of times.

  • Commitment

We show our commitment to our industry, our customers, our employees and the world we live in. We are reliable and loyal.

  • Sustainability

We think about the broader impact of our actions on society, the environment and the company. We focus on hydrogen for small ships and applications and ammonia for large ships.

  • Efficiency

We are committed to working as efficiently as possible in our day-to-day operations to maximise the value creation of everything we undertake.

Supervisory Board

CMB.TECH's Supervisory Board is the ultimate supervisory body of the Company.

Management Board

CMB.TECH's Management Board is empowered to take responsibility for the daily operations of the Group and the implementation of the policy and strategy articulated by the Supervisory Board


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