Leadership Team

Together, we apply the company vision to our standards for innovation and collaborative working

Alexander Saverys

Alexander was appointed CEO of CMB in 2014. Over the past 6 years, he has played a pivotal role in the successful business transformation that has brought CMB to a period of growth based on investments in innovation and sustainability.

He is the founder and Managing Director of Delphis, a European Container shipping company which was later on incorporated into CMB.

Alexander Saverys
Ludovic Saverys

Ludovic is the Chief Financial Officer of CMB NV and General Manager of Saverco NV.

His experience in the financial sector and the world of start-ups comes from the time he lived in New York, where he acted as CFO of MiNeeds Inc. from 2011 till 2013 and as CEO of SURFACExchange LLC from 2009 till 2013

Ludovic Saverys
Paul Turner
Managing Director, Brentwood

Paul is the Managing Director of CMB.TECH, developing low carbon technologies.

He has 35 years of experience in automotive research and development, leading the way of key development systems on Hydrogen, EV and Hybrid applications across automotive, marine and rail industries, and low carbon power generation in stationary and mobile environments.

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Roy Campe
Managing Director, Antwerp

Roy joined CMB.TECH Division having previously held senior managing positions at Ghent University within the Innovation and Incubation Centre GreenBridge.

He studied Aerospace Engineering at the Delft University of Technology where he also worked as a researcher at the Chair of Aerospace Sustainable Engineering and Technologies.

He is the founder of Actiflow BV, an engineering and design company.

Roy Campe
Trevor Jasper
Engineering Manager - Low Carbon Technologies

A former chemistry graduate, Trevor switched from working in the chemical industry to the automotive sector via an MSc at Southampton University.

After a short tenure as a component engineer, Trevor then moved into calibration for over ten years. He eventually led several teams, before assuming the current role of Low Carbon Technology manager as the Low Carbon department developed, with the hydrogen dual-fuel co-combustion projects which Trevor had helped to pioneer.

Bryn Slaney
Manager of Engineering Services

Bryn has 40 years’ experience within the automotive industry, working with several major OEM’s and over 20 years have been with the CMB RTL group, and he is responsible for Hybrid and EV programmes

He has held several supervisory and management roles encompassing such disciplines as vehicle and engine packaging, component design and development, and production line trials, both in-house and supporting programmes on customer sites.

Currently, he manages our team of project engineers/managers and the design engineering team

Stephen Pegrum
Project Manager

Stephen is a project manager at CMB.TECH leading design and engineering teams in the development and implementation of low carbon technologies

His +35-year career spans the automotive, defence, marine and rail industries. After various design positions, and an Automotive Engineering degree, Stephen worked within Ford Motor Company, Revolve then Emerald Automotive.

He was the principal design engineer for the first RTL Group hydrogen project in 2008

He is currently running multiple programmes, including the Hydrotug.

Nigel Pritchard
Manager - QCM Engineering

Nigel has many years of experience in automotive applications, delivering OEM approved upgrades and strategies.

He is now our single point of contact between Ford Component Sales and our customers.

Alex Corrigan
Programme Manager - Hydrogen Systems

Alex started at RTL as a graduate engineer before moving into Project Management.

He was heavily involved with the system design and class approval of the Hydroville, the world’s first certified passenger shuttle that uses hydrogen and now works with the team to further expand the hydrogen projects for CMB.TECH.

He specialised in Sustainable Energy Technology and has over 5 years of experience working on hydrogen applications in the automotive and marine industry.

Sathish Ravi
Project Manager

Sathish is the Engineering Supervisor of the Hydrogen and EV systems at CMB.TECH, responsible for prospecting and delivering low carbon projects, including hydrogen combustion and Fuel cell systems, vehicle and vessel electrification, low carbon power generation, performance optimisation and new technologies implementation.