CMB.TECH has developed a 40ft 500 bar trailer to facilitate remote refuelling for all of our applications currently in operation. Multiple use cases and customers can be serviced with this single system.

The trailer has 90x cylinders containing 945 kg of useable hydrogen at a pressure of 500 bar. The storage is divided into seven compartments, more than 600 kg of hydrogen at 350 bar can be refuelled in a short time. This trailer can refuel 3 x CTVs, 20 x trucks or 15 x straddle carriers.

The mobile refuelling station features:

  • 90x Type IV 350L H2 cylinders
  • Total water capacity of 24.500L, split into 7 sections
  • 945kg usable H2
  • Dispensing 600kg at 350 bar
  • Additional 345kg usable for power genset usage
  • High flow TK16 & TK25 dispensers for 350bar applications, connected to 25m hoses
  • 7 bar outlet for gensets
  • Equipped with Ship-to-Shore ESD system
  • Automatic cascading system for fast & efficient refuelling operations
  • A Nitrogen purging system

Hydrogen Refuelling Station

CMB.TECH Hydrogen refuelling station
JUNE 03, 2021 in Industry, H₂ Infra
CMB.TECH opens world's first multimodal hydrogen refuelling station and presents the hydrogen truck

03.06.2021 - Today CMB.TECH will open the first multimodal hydrogen refuelling station in Antwerp. It is the first refuelling station in the world that produces green hydrogen, which will be used to powerships, tube trailers, cars, trucks and buses. In addition to the hydrogen refuelling station, CMB.TECH will today launch a hydrogen truck.