Hydrogen Refuelling Station Antwerp

The refuelling station is able to produce its own green hydrogen and offers it to cars, trucks, tube-trailers and ships.

The refuelling station is featured:

  • 1.2 MW PEM Electrolyser
  • Two-stage 950 bar hydrogen compressor
  • Dispenser for cars (700 bar, -40°C)
  • Dispenser for buses and trucks (350bar)
  • 2 docks for tube trailers (unloading and filling up to 500 bar)
  • Medium pressure hydrogen tanks
  • Marine bunkering location (200 and 350 bar)
  • Electric fast chargers capable of 350 A
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The tube trailer station has dual uses:

To provide storage for the produced green hydrogen

The additional capacity provided by the trailers enables more uptime for the onsite electrolyser. The additional hydrogen produced can either be used to refuel vehicles onsite or taken away to be used as a green alternative for industrial and refuelling activities elsewhere.

High pressure boosting for shorter filling times

The additional high-pressure storage onsite effectively increases the high-pressure buffer storage capacity. This enables faster refuelling times (the increased pressure/volume in the system increases the 'pushing power' of the fuel, from station to vehicle).