The ambition of CMB.TECH to power their deep-sea vessels with green ammonia imposes the challenge of “security of supply” for these new bunker fuels.

Green bunker fuels need to be affordable, sustainable and available at any moment in time.

Following the Hydrogen demonstration hub project, CMB.TECH will develop a green ammonia factory in Namibia to secure these requirements for her fleet.

By building this factory, CMB.TECH steps up from green hydrogen production for local consumption towards large scale ammonia production for export and the use as bunker fuel for ships. As such, Hydrogen production installations will be upscaled from Megawatt to Gigawatt-scale. The green hydrogen will be used to produce green ammonia.

116 hectares of land plot have already been secured in the port of Walvis Bay. Namport is a well-established port and is very suitable to develop our ammonia export and bunker facilities.

Currently, an EPC-contractor has been appointed who is responsible for the engineering of the entire plant. The contractor works in close support with the selected technology licenser. The start-up of the plant is planned for end of 2026.

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03.06.2021 - Today CMB.TECH will open the first multimodal hydrogen refuelling station in Antwerp. It is the first refuelling station in the world that produces green hydrogen, which will be used to powerships, tube trailers, cars, trucks and buses. In addition to the hydrogen refuelling station, CMB.TECH will today launch a hydrogen truck.