This hydrogen-powered dual-fuel excavator provides gradual ecological development within the heavy construction and earthmoving sector. With this machine, companies within the sector can embark on energy transition with today's machines without being permanently dependent on the availability of hydrogen.

Excavator CMB.TECH

The Excavator features:

  • 6x Type III, 35MPa H₂ cylinders
  • Individual solenoid valve per cylinder
  • Modularised design
  • Integrated pressure regulator
  • 30kg H₂ storage


Heavy Duty Platforms require incremental innovation instead of disruptive innovation. CMB TECH's H₂ dual-fuel technology is the first step towards the zero emission goal. This novel technology has been proved to drastically reduce carbon emissions on existing Heavy Duty Platforms. The modular design of the conversion kit allows an easy installation on existing platforms.

The H₂ dual fuel excavator can reduce up to 50% of the CO₂ emissions, without having any operational or technical consequences. This results in a flexible offtake to start up supply chains of hydrogen towards off-site construction yards.

Hydrogen Excavator CMB.TECH 1

In the H₂ dual fuel technology, hydrogen is aspirated into the combustion chamber. This substitution directly reduces the amount of diesel fuel required to power the engine, resulting in a drastic reduction of CO₂ emissions. This is done while maintaining the same power output and still relying on the proven technology of diesel.

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Hydrogen Excavator CMB.TECH


  • The best available clean technology for heavy construction equipment (37 ton)
  • Savings of up to 50% of CO₂ emissions
  • Lower cost technology for the highest CO₂ savings
  • The base excavator isn't modified so maintenance can still be undertaken by the same technicians
  • Available as a retrofit kit, for the 350ZX Hitachi
  • Up to 2 days autonomy in dual fuel, after which refuelling can take place or diesel operation continues
  • Enable the energy transition, whilst not being dependent on the availability of the H₂ refuelling infrastructure
  • Phased integration into the excavator construction range:
    • Available today as kit on the new Hitachi ZX350-7
    • Validation ongoing for the Hitachi ZX210-7