Container vessels

CMB.TECH has 12 x 6000 TEU ICE class container vessels on order.

The design of the vessels incorporates features to allow a future retrofit for using ammonia as fuel. The hull lines of the vessels were developed in close cooperation with MARIC resulting in a very efficient eco design at various sailing drafts. A wide range of energy saving devices are part of the design to make the vessel highly fuel efficient.

CONTAINER 6000 TEU operation 2

Main particulars

  • Length overall: 240.00m
  • Length between perpendiculars: 236.00m
  • Breadth moulded: 42.80m
  • Depth moulded: 22.10m
  • Scantling draft: 14.00m
  • Design draft: 12.00m
  • Deadweight at scantling draft: 74,000 Mt
  • Deadweight at design draft: 56,800 Mt
  • Speed at design draft: 20 knots
  • Installed propulsion power: SMCR: 23,000 kW x 72.0 rpm - CSR: 20,700 kW x 69,5 rpm
  • Cruising range: 27,000 nautical miles
  • Nominal intake: 6,014 TEU
  • Homogeneous intake (14 Mt/TEU): 4,700 TEU