The Hydrobingo is the world’s first hydrogen powered ferry. It uses dual-fuel hydrogen-diesel internal combustion engines.

CMB.TECH and Japan-based Tsuneishi Facilities & Craft (TFC) are working together on this project.
TFC has experience in developing and building environmentally-friendly vessels, such as electric propulsion ships.

The Hydrobingo was launched on August 10th, 2021 and is deployed in the Japanese inland sea.

Hydro Bingo 04


  • Refuelling is done with a trailer via roll-on/roll-off hydrogen storage.
  • Gross tonnage: 19 tonnes.
  • Capacity: 80 passengers.
  • The maximum sailing speed is 26 knots (approximately 30 miles per hour), with a cruise speed between 18 and 22 knots (20 to 25 mph).

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