Windcat is Europe's leading offshore personnel transfer company and predominantly operates in the offshore wind sector but also in the oil and gas sector.

Windcat has two business units, Windcat Workboats and Windcat Offshore.

Windcat Workboats owns and operates a fleet of over 50 offshore crew transfer vessels, with an additional 5 being built, mainly in the European offshore wind sector, but also in the oil and gas industry and outside Europe. The vessels are designed and built in-house with over 19 years of experience in the field, optimised for transferring personnel offshore in a safe and comfortable environment. Windcat Workboats also collaborates with its joint venture partners, FRS Windcat and TSM Windcat in the German and French markets respectively.

Windcat Offshore, a sister company to Windcat Workboats, is a dedicated business focused on Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOV) ownership and operations. Windcat Offshore will build on the success and competencies of Windcat Workboats and directly benefit from expertise within the wider CMB group, particularly in the management of large vessels. The business has already started recruiting several CSOV experts and will continue to do so over the short and medium term as it moves to deliver the Elevation Series into safe operations.

Hydrocat 03

Windcat achievements

Together with CMB.TECH, Windcat has developed the Hydrocat 48, a hydrogen-powered Crew Transfer Vessel. The Hydrocat uses the dual fuel technology that was integrated into the Windcat MK3.5 design without compromising on performance and retaining the reliability of a traditionally fuelled vessel.

In 2022, Windcat announced an order for the construction of a series of hydrogen-powered CSOVs with Damen Shipyards, a global provider of maritime solutions. The "Elevation Series" CSOVs have been designed by Damen Shipyards in cooperation with Windcat and CMB.TECH, resulting in a revolutionary new design with increased capabilities and flexibility compared to existing vessels. The vessels are 87 meters long, 20 meters wide, can accommodate 120 people on board and will be powered by hydrogen. The series will be delivered from 2025. To significantly reduce the vessels’ CO₂ footprint, Windcat and CMB.TECH will provide the same dual fuel hydrogen technology for the Elevation Series as on board of the Hydrocat, the world’s first hydrogen-powered Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV).

CSOV Windcat Offshore

Windcat's commitment to developing and implementing environmentally friendly technologies in their vessels is apparent through their development of the Hydrocat 48 and their partnership with CMB.TECH and Damen Shipyards in the construction of the Elevation Series, which will play a significant role in reducing emissions in the offshore energy sector.

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