Engine Calibration

We work with numerous Original Equipment Manufacturers on calibration projects and have extensive experience calibrating a wide range of vehicle control systems.


A history of successful deliveries

We have developed our own control systems for bespoke applications.

CMB.TECH is Ford’s recommended calibration partner, implementing installations and calibrations for other OEMs including Morgan, Noble, Troller (Ford Brazil), Caterham, Gordon Murray Design.

Calibrations can be undertaken in-house or at customer facilities.

CMB.TECH offers special calibration of multi-fuels: Hydrogen, Gasoline, Diesel, Bi-Fuel (including Hydrogen/LPG/CNG) and Hybrid

This includes:

  • Emissions calibration
  • Performance calibration
  • Environmental calibration
  • OBD and EOBD calibration
  • Driveability calibration
  • EMS strategy design
  • EMS hardware design and integration
  • Emissions control technology development

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