The CMB.TECH hydrogen refuelling station stores 24 kg of hydrogen at 450 bar for dispensing to 350 bar vehicles/systems. The station connects to either a tube trailer of hydrogen or to an electrolyser. The station will compress the gas from the trailer or electrolyser up to 450 bar.

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JUNE 03, 2021 in Antwerp Refuelling Station
CMB.TECH opens world's first multimodal hydrogen refuelling station and presents the hydrogen truck

03.06.2021 - Today CMB.TECH will open the first multimodal hydrogen refuelling station in Antwerp. It is the first refuelling station in the world that produces green hydrogen, which will be used to powerships, tube trailers, cars, trucks and buses. In addition to the hydrogen refuelling station, CMB.TECH will today launch a hydrogen truck.