Is hydrogen safe to store and handle?

Hydrogen storage

Hydrogen, in gaseous form, is widely stored in hydrogen high-pressure storage cylinders, tubes or tube trailers. Hydrogen cylinders go through vigorous testing (fire test, burst test, etc). The TPRD (Thermal Pressure Relief Device) goes through pressure testing to achieve approval for the European standard for hydrogen powered vehicles (EC79), hence, making it much safer than ADR-approved parts.

In liquid form, hydrogen is mainly stored at the consumer site in cryogenic liquid tanks or cylinders. These liquid hydrogen tanks are highly insulated and specifically designed to reduce the boil off of the hydrogen gas.

Modern hydrogen monitoring systems help to reduce the chance of mishandling and leakage from hydrogen storage systems. The hydrogen monitoring system will monitor the hydrogen in air concentration and if the set-up threshold is reached, then the system is shut down safely.

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