L'hydrogène est-il plus sûr que les carburants traditionnels ?

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Hydrogen is 14 times lighter than air. When it is released, it spreads quickly and rises into the atmosphere at a speed of 20 metres per second. Hydrogen is not toxic if released or spilled. Petrol in the air is flammable at a lower concentration limit of 1.4%, compared to 4% of hydrogen. The flames give off little radiant energy, much less than comparable with other fuels.

In addition, modern hydrogen systems are designed to be fail-safe. This is achieved by multiple safety systems such as;

  • Leak detection.
  • Ventilation systems to prevent leaks from reaching flammable levels.
  • Fire detection via infrared detectors.
  • Pressure relief systems that vent the hydrogen when surpassing a safety threshold.

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