Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines

What is a H2ICE ?

A hydrogen combustion engine (H2ICE) is a combustion engine that uses hydrogen (monofuel H2ICE) or a mixture of hydrogen and diesel (dual fuel H2ICE) as a fuel. CMB.TECH has developed medium speed H2ICE and high speed H2ICE, in cooperation with established OEM’s.

Advantages over other technologies

The H2ICE technology has clear advantages over other low and zero carbon alternatives.

1. Cost : H2ICE engines are cheaper than batteries and hydrogen fuel cells

2. Reliability : combustion engines are robust, reliable and have a long operational track record

3. Zero carbon : H2ICE monofuel engines reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero, H2ICE dual fuel engines reduce emissions by 60 to 90 % depending on the load and the engine type

4. Available today : large marine and industrial applications can be converted to H2ICE today

Diesel back-up

Dual fuel engines offer the added advantage of full diesel back-up in case hydrogen is not available or too expensive. This is a very important added benefit for industrial and marine operators.