H2 Industry

Working with leading OEMs and port operators, CMB.TECH develops port and industrial applications to hydrogen applications. CMB.TECH's technology centre is powered by highly trained engineers specialising in H₂ systems.

Hydrogen hubs

Port areas will become an important hotspot for hydrogen technology. In addition to the production of the clean molecule, its importation will be organised through the port. The heavy-duty nature of cargo-handling equipment, locomotives and tugs favours the use of hydrogen as a fuel over battery-powered technology.

Decarbonising the industry

Our advanced technology allows us to convert existing diesel engines into dual fuel and mono fuel engines, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Our engines include high-speed options for smaller-scale applications, as well as medium-speed engines for marine and heavy-duty applications.

H2 industry

Hydrogen dual fuel truck

An affordable and reliable hydrogen powered solution for heavy road transport

H2 industry

Hydrogen dual fuel straddle carrier

Significantly reduce carbon emissions while still ensuring the efficient and effective handling of cargo.

Straddle Carrier
H2 industry

Hydrogen gensets

Reliable, non-polluting and zero emission.

Be Hydro mono fuel 05
H2 industry

Hydrogen and ammonia engines

Together with OEMs we develop, test and market mono fuel and dual fuel hydrogen and ammonia combustion engines for various industries, such as marine, railroad and power generation.

H2 engines