Hydrogen gensets

Dual fuel and 100% hydrogen gensets for port operations and off-grid power generation.

Be Hydro mono fuel 05

CMB.TECH is taking concrete steps towards green power generation for temporary energy supply. Our hydrogen genset has a Volvo Penta Stage V D8 industrial engine, applying CMB.TECH's hydrogen dual fuel technology, and will be used for port operations and off-grid power generation.

Dual fuel co-combustion gensets can take advantage of the clean energy source. The dual fuel engines can run on 100% diesel if there is no hydrogen available or run with hydrogen-diesel with a simple refuel process exactly like current gasoline or diesel refuelling.

Dual fuel co-combustion engines leverage the known long-lifetime and low CAPEX and OPEX of internal combustion engines. The changes to the diesel gensets for dual fuel operation are minimal (the technology can even be retrofitted to existing gensets in some cases) meaning low investment costs. Operating, servicing, repair and maintenance are all similar to existing engines meaning low OPEX costs, minimal retraining and existing infrastructure for parts supply and servicing.

Together with our partners, we are looking forward to gathering experience and to validating our dual fuel technology in the off-grid power generation market. It’s a crucial step in the decarbonisation of this industry and a key market for our partnership with Volvo Penta to advance dual fuel technology and hydrogen as a fuel.
Roy Campe

100% hydrogen BeHydro genset

The pioneering BeHydro mono fuel hydrogen engines deliver 100% clean energy. They emit no harmful emissions such as carbon (CO2), nitrogen (NOx), sulphur oxides (SOx) or soot particles. As the power train is zero emissions at the exhaust manifold, after-treatment systems are not required, saving costs and reducing maintenance.


More about BeHydro

BeHydro is a joint venture between CMB.TECH and Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC), that has revolutionised the industrial sector with their innovative hydrogen-powered engines.