Straddle Carrier

Hydrogen dual fuel straddle carrier

At CMB.TECH, we understand the importance of decarbonisation for the sustainability of the port equipment industry. That's why we offer terminal operators the option to buy or lease our H₂ Dual Fuel straddle carriers, which are powered by a combination of hydrogen and traditional fuel. By using this innovative technology, we can significantly reduce carbon emissions while still ensuring the efficient and effective handling of cargo.

Straddle Carrier

The straddle carrier features

  • An H₂ Dual Fuel engine
  • Type III hydrogen storage cylinders
  • 30 kg of hydrogen storage
  • Fast refuelling capability
  • Best available technology for decarbonising container handling operations
  • Same performance as diesel machine
  • H₂ Dual Fuel autonomy of 1 day operations
  • Full diesel backup available

The straddle carrier uses the H₂ Dual Fuel technology. This revolutionary technology injects the carbon-free hydrogen into its diesel combustion engine, reducing carbon emissions and advancing sustainable practices without compromising operational reliability.

Antwerp Terminal Services (ATS), a joint venture between MSC PSA Europe Terminal (MPET) and PSA Antwerp (PSAA), is the world's first terminal operator to introduce a straddle carrier with this technology into their fleet and demonstrate their commitment to ambitious sustainability goals. The dual fuel straddle carrier represents a significant milestone in achieving these goals and marks a new era in green technology.

For ATS, the H₂ Dual Fuel straddle carrier is part of the MPET & PSAA Green Straddle Carrier Program, which aims to provide a holistic evaluation of four major technological pathways to significantly reduce carbon emissions in their actual working environment: hydrogen, biofuel, hybrid battery/diesel and full electrification.

The prototype machine has started her first trial period to evaluate the endurance and measure reduction of the machine's emissions in operation, as well as ease of operation and terminal uptime.

Decarbonising container terminals with H₂ dual fuel straddle carriers

CMB.TECH collaborates with straddle carrier OEMs to create and construct H₂ Dual Fuel straddle carriers, facilitating terminal operators in their efforts to efficiently decarbonise their fleet by replacing them at the same rate.

We believe that terminal operations should be able to focus on running their operations without being burdened by the challenges of decarbonisation, which is why we provide a one-stop solution. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping terminal operators make the transition to sustainable operations as smoothly as possible.

The objective is to enable container terminals to achieve their 2030 decarbonisation targets, establish their hydrogen supply infrastructure for their fleet, as well as for visiting vessels and trucks.

Straddle Carrier