Cleanergy Solutions Namibia

Cleanergy Solutions Namibia is leading the development of a green hydrogen production plant in Namibia’s Erongo region. This hydrogen production plant comprises of hydrogen production, a refuelling station and a training centre.

Cleanergy Solutions Namibia

Hydrogen production plant

Introducing the hydrogen production plant Namibia - the perfect location for green energy harvesting and fuel conversion. Our ambition to power deep-sea vessels with green ammonia led us to Namibia, where we can produce ammonia using abundant renewable energy.

CMB.TECH recognises the significance of local integration in sustainable project planning, and has established a joint venture with Ohlthaver & List, a local Namibian company. The Hydrogen production plant project, which includes a training and education centre to provide the local Namibians with necessary knowledge and skills, was decided upon at the end of 2021.

The Hydrogen production plant will produce hydrogen for local applications such as trucks, locomotives, and port & mining equipment. The demonstration project will feature a 5 MW electrolyser and a 5.5 MW(p) solar park. With the implementation of this sustainable project approach, CMB.TECH is confident in its project success.

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