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Tugboats and ferries

CMB.TECH builds, owns, operates & designs tugboats and ferries that run on hydrogen.

Tugboats typically use medium speed diesel engines, which are suitable for dual fuel technology. The components are already proven in other industries, resulting in a low-risk solution for tugboat owners and operators. The hydrogen dual fuel tug is a great new opportunity for businesses, services, and industry to reduce their emissions.

The HydroBingo is the first 80 passenger ferry for commercial use with two hydrogen diesel combustion engines. This hydrogen-powered ferry is an eco-ship that significantly reduces the amount of CO₂ and other harmful gases. CO₂ emissions are up to 50% lower compared to a conventional diesel engine.

The Hydroville started its service on the river Scheldt as a shuttle ferry to transport people during rush hours to avoid traffic jams. Today, the vessel is used as a testing and exhibition vessel, and is also used for meetings and dinners on board.


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