Breaking ground on our first hydrogen refuelling station

CMB.TECH, part of CMB (Compagnie Maritime Belge), is strongly committed to hydrogen. The launch of the Hydroville, the first hydrogen-powered passenger vessel in the world, was the instigation of this commitment. Up until now, the Hydroville has been supplied with hydrogen by means of a tube trailer. To be able to supply larger ships with hydrogen, a refuelling station is a necessity.

The public area is accessible to everyone to refuel their hydrogen-powered car or to re-charge their electric car at an ultra-fast charging point.

Start of works hydrogen refuelling station 2 1
CMB.TECH's ambition is to become the reference in the field of hydrogen technology for large-scale industry applications with a focus on the maritime and transport industry. Having a hydrogen refuelling station is essential. We want to demonstrate that this technology is ready to scale up and that the maritime industry is playing a pioneering role in the transition to alternative energy sources. We hope it will encourage other companies to take steps to use hydrogen as the fuel of the future
Roy Campe - CTO of CMB.TECH

How does it all work?

An electrolyser converts electricity and water (H₂O) into hydrogen. Via a compressor, the hydrogen is intensively pressurised and transferred to various buffers. These buffers ensure that a car, truck or ship can refuel. In addition to the refuelling station, the site also contains 2 trailer docks that can be used to transport the green hydrogen produced to other applications. In addition, various ultra-fast charging points for electric cars are included which are integrated into the site's smart grid.

Near the Port House

The hydrogen refuelling station will be built near the Port House. This location on the boundary between the city and the port has been purposely selected to provide the many industrial applications in the port with hydrogen, whilst at the same time keeping it easily accessible to the general public.

The location is part of the innovative urban port that AG VESPA & the port of Antwerp are developing. With this state-of-the-art technology, this project is fully in line with this initiative. This is the first time that such a hydrogen project has been developed.
Annick De Ridder - Flemish representative and Antwerp alderman responsible for port, urban development and city and country planning