Cleanergy Solutions Namibia Hosts Distinguished Guests: H.M. the King of the Belgians and H.E. President of the Republic of Namibia

The event aimed to showcase the progress of the Cleanergy Green Hydrogen site. Expected to be operational in the fourth quarter of 2024, the hydrogen refuelling station marked an important first step in the commitment to becoming a leader in renewable energy solutions in Namibia.

First filling of dual-fuel truck

A highlight of the site visit was the ceremonial first filling of a dual-fuel truck at the hydrogen refuelling station, officiated by His Majesty the King of the Belgians and H.E. Dr Nangolo Mbumba, President of the Republic of Namibia. The event represented the importance of robust, sustainable partnerships between Namibian and Belgian organisations.

Today marks a historic juncture, not only for us as a joint venture but for the pioneering spirit of Namibia. With this Cleanergy Green Hydrogen Site, we are channeling over a century's worth of innovation to ignite a revolution in renewable energy. This initiative is more than a project; it’s a testament to our relentless drive for excellence, our commitment to sustainability, and our unwavering belief in partnership. Harnessing the sun's infinite energy, we are laying down the roots for a greener future, turning our bold vision into an inspiring reality.

Through the fusion of Namibian brilliance and global collaboration, we are not just promising a better tomorrow, we are delivering it. Together, we are constructing a world where caring for our planet and empowering our communities sets the foundation for all that we do. It's more than energy; it's the embodiment of our collective strength, determination, and hope – creating legacies that will outlive us and enrich generations to come.
Sven Thieme - Executive Chairman of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group

Decarbonise the maritime industry with green molecules

The site includes a hydrogen refuelling station and a production plant. The facility uses only solar energy for the on-site production of green hydrogen and will be used for hydrogen-powered trucks, port equipment, railway applications and small ships. This strategic development not only addresses urgent infrastructure needs but also strengthens the link between green molecules and maritime activities, reinforcing the importance of the Port of Walvis Bay.

We are doing this because we believe decarbonisation and a shift to renewable energy are important trends in the global economy. We need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but industries that are difficult to reduce, such as maritime industries, ports and mining, cannot switch to electricity or batteries. Instead of electrons, they need molecules. We plan to produce these molecules in Walvis Bay to power locally operated trucks, port equipment, locomotives and small ships.

In addition, the port of Walvis Bay will also be in a unique position in Africa: our project will enable them to offer low-carbon logistics supply chains to their customers. This will pave the way for attracting additional logistics flows and investors.
Alexander Saverys - CEO of CMB.TECH

First hydrogen-powered vessel in Africa

In addition, Cleanergy, together with CMB.TECH, Port of Antwerp Bruges and Namport, will launch the first hydrogen-powered ship in Africa. Building on the successful collaboration between CMB.TECH and Port of Antwerp Bruges, as demonstrated by the launch of the Hydrotug and the world's first multimodal hydrogen refuelling station in the port of Antwerp, the focus now shifts to the development of a Multifunctional Port Utility Vessel (MPHUV) powered by dual-fuel hydrogen engines. The MPHUV's versatile design will enable the integration of different equipment needed for a range of port operations, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions during operations.

Given the ability of ports to act as hubs for hydrogen technology implementation and efforts to reduce carbon emissions, the Port of Walvis Bay and Namport emerge as an ideal partner to operate Africa's first hydrogen vessel. The port's involvement will provide invaluable insights into the vessel's specifications during development and refine the concept based on operational experience and feedback from users once it is commissioned.

Hydrogen Academy

A key element of the Cleanergy Green Hydrogen site is knowledge exchange, exemplified by the establishment of the Hydrogen Academy on-site. The Cleanergy Solutions team, suppliers, customers, as well as Namibian and European universities and institutes, will jointly upskill Namibians on hydrogen and its diverse economic potentials. The aim is to transform the Hydrogen Academy into a premier hub of hydrogen expertise in Namibia.

Hydrogen and ammonia production

The hydrogen production plant is the first phase of a 5-year plan with several projects at different locations, including ammonia bunkering, pipelines and large-scale hydrogen and ammonia production.


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