JULY 31, 2019

CMB accelerates its investments in hydrogen technologies

Revolve Technologies Limited joins the CMB group.

Revolve Technologies Limited joins the CMB group.

Since 1995, Revolve Technologies Limited (RTL) has specialised in the engineering, development, prototyping, design, and testing of automotive and marine engines.

RTL has been pioneering and developing hydrogen combustion engines (H2ICE) and systems for more than 10 years.

Among other things, RTL has developed the engines onboard the CMB-owned Hydroville, the world’s first sea-going vessel with dual fuel diesel-hydrogen engines.

The business will be fully integrated under CMB NV. CMB.TECH is the Innovation and Development division of CMB NV.

CMB.TECH focuses on hydrogen and low carbon technologies, energy-saving solutions, digital fleet performance monitoring, and weather routing.

The newly acquired business will be rebranded CMB.TECH and will remain based in Brentwood, UK.

CMB.TECH will not only focus on CMB’s hydrogen projects but also continue to supply consultancy services to third party customers in the automotive and marine industries.

CMB.TECH’s growing team consists of over 30 highly skilled engineers and technical staff and includes a workshop for prototyping and engine test cell facilities.


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As part of its journey towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030, without the use of offsets, Vestas will explore how the world's first hydrogen-powered crew transfer vessel (CTV), the Hydrocat 48, can help reduce carbon emissions from its offshore service operations. Vestas does this by launching a pilot program in collaboration with long-term supplier Windcat Workboats.

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Ports of Stockholm and CMB.TECH are joining forces in a unique hydrogen collaboration at Stockholm Norvik Port. The investment in hydrogen will encompass port operations and will also expand service offerings to shipping companies and haulage firms, as well as other customers and collaboration partners. The goal is for Stockholm Norvik Port to be Sweden’s most climate-smart and sustainable port.

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