CMB.TECH launches its first dual fuel workshop to convert new trucks into dual fuel hydrogen trucks

CMB.TECH is pleased to announce the opening of the first dual fuel workshop to further scale up truck conversions. This can reduce traditional fuel usage and associated emissions by up to 80%. The first dual fuel trucks will be delivered to clients by March 2023. CMB.TECH anticipates converting 20 trucks a month.

CMB Workshop079

In this workshop, new ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) trucks are converted with CMB.TECH's dual fuel hydrogen technology. In the first phase, CMB.TECH focuses on one type of truck, which enables standardisation. This can significantly reduce the price of the dual fuel conversion. This dual fuel technology can be applied to various brands and it is the first step towards the zero emissions target.

CMB Workshop113
With the opening of the first dual fuel workshop, we can prove that the conversion process is a simple and scalable concept. We start from a large-scale produced truck, which we can convert with a relatively minor intervention into a platform by which we can realise large emission savings today. The transition can start today, even without full coverage of hydrogen infrastructure. We are setting the trend of being able to move away from traditional fuel in an affordable way. After a trial period, we can further roll out this concept to other locations and for other heavy-duty applications.
Roy Campe - CTO of CMB.TECH

The dual fuel workshop is strategically located next to the CMB.TECH hydrogen refuelling station, allowing the converted trucks to undergo the initial refuelling with the necessary checks before being delivered to customers.

With this technology, hydrogen is aspirated into the combustion chamber, requiring less diesel injection to power the engine. The conversion process starts with the mounting of the hydrogen tanks on the trucks and the installation of CMB.TECH’s injection ring on the engine. Next, the engine control unit is installed. Thereafter, the quality control and validation of the dual fuel hydrogen trucks takes place in the dual fuel workshop.

Besides the conversion process and certification, the dual fuel workshop is also responsible for the purchase and assembly of the hydrogen parts that are of strategic importance to achieve an affordable concept.

CMB Workshop068

The first trucks are expected to be delivered to clients in March 2023. Both Van Moer Logistics, a leading logistics player in the port of Antwerp-Bruges, and Haesaerts, member of ALTREA LOGISTICS group, a European pioneer in chemical tank transport, will receive the first CMB.TECH hydrogen trucks to add to their fleet.

After a successful pilot case, we ordered the first batch of 10 additional dual fuel trucks. The trucks will be used for (tank)container transport and will be a sustainable addition to our fleet. We’re impressed by the professional equipped workshop, and we look forward to the delivery of the finished trucks in March.
Jo Van Moer - Founder & CEO Van Moer Logistics