Groundbreaking strategic investment in hydrogen by Ports of Stockholm in collaboration with CMB.TECH

Ports of Stockholm and CMB.TECH are joining forces in a unique hydrogen collaboration at Stockholm Norvik Port. The investment in hydrogen will encompass port operations and will also expand service offerings to shipping companies and haulage firms, as well as other customers and collaboration partners. The goal is for Stockholm Norvik Port to be Sweden’s most climate-smart and sustainable port.


Ports of Stockholm and CMB.TECH have initiated a partnership for a unique major hydrogen collaboration at Stockholm Norvik Port. The investment means the start of being able to offer customers and collaboration partners the possibility to convert to hydrogen, by building a hydrogen fuelling station adjacent to the port. In the initial phase, port vehicles will be converted to run on green hydrogen. The first hydrogen-fuelled terminal truck is planned to be in operation at Stockholm Norvik Port in 2023.

Stockholm Norvik Port
Hydrogen will play a crucial role in converting to fossil fuel-free transport, both on land and at sea. We are therefore extremely pleased to announce this partnership with CMB.TECH and this drive for hydrogen. This is entirely aligned with the ambitious environmental goals of Ports of Stockholm for operations to be fossil fuel-free by 2030.
Anna König Jerlmyr - Mayor of Stockholm

The hydrogen project is one stage in the development to use more climate-smart fuels for overland transport and shipping. Sweden’s most climate-smart and sustainable port will become even more sustainable.

Being able to enter into this partnership with Ports of Stockholm at the new freight port, Stockholm Norvik, is a pleasure. This is the first port in Sweden we have worked with, and we hope to be able to contribute with our knowledge and experience in converting from diesel to hydrogen. This provides entirely new possibilities to further develop Stockholm Norvik Port as the climate-smart port it already is.
Alexander Saverys - CEO of CMB.TECH

Ports of Stockholm works actively, long-term and strategically to achieve sustainable port operations and shipping and has set high environmental targets. Ports of Stockholm has been awarded quality and environmental ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. This means that the company works in a structured and systematic way to achieve continuous improvements and reduce environmental impacts. The company also reports sustainability according to Core level GRI Standards.