Launch of the first 250kVA hydrogen dual fuel generator set using CMB.TECH’s technology

Reduction of CO₂ emissions

The generator will feature a 250kVA maximum output and can operate in either full diesel mode or in dual fuel mode, where hydrogen can replace up to 80% of the diesel consumption, thereby reducing CO₂ emissions. The displacement ratio of diesel depends on the power output. The average displacements in off-grid power generation will be assessed during the field trial. In the coming months, NENS Power will deploy the generator in various locations to accumulate the necessary experience and validation for this new product. Upon completion, the development will be further advanced by e-power®, CMB.TECH, and Volvo Penta to bring the hydrogen dual fuel generator set to the market.

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Hydrogen dual fuel technology

The hydrogen dual fuel technology represents a pragmatic and feasible intermediate step towards achieving 100% zero emission energy generation.

"Reliable, non-polluting and zero emission. Hydrogen is becoming the number one fuel of tomorrow; we can't deny the fact it will be a very important player in building a better future." - Jens Fets, Sustainable Solutions Manager at e-power® International.

“NENS Power had chosen to invest in the best green solutions to all its customers, is it with dual fuel, mono fuel engines or fuel cells for energy generation. Where needed these generator sets will be supported by Battery packs in highly fluctuating consumption applications.” – Joris Van Gysel, CEO NENS Power.

Together with our partners, we are looking forward to gather experience and to validate our dual fuel technology in the off-grid power generation market. It’s a crucial step in the decarbonisation of this industry and a key market for our partnership with Volvo Penta to advance dual fuel technology and hydrogen as a fuel.
Roy Campe - CTO CMB.TECH
This pilot is an exciting development in our stepwise approach to adopting renewable fuels such as hydrogen in our combustion engine production portfolio. We will be able to gain collaborative insights into operations, accessibility, and various other elements that will improve future endeavours in the domain of power generation on top of off-road applications.
Anders Wernersson - Product Manager Volvo Penta Industrial
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