Van Moer Logistics and Delhaize put first dual fuel hydrogen truck from CMB.TECH into operation

The dual fuel hydrogen truck will be tested for Delhaize supermarket deliveries from November. The truck has the potential to reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 80%. After the test phase of 12 months, it will be determined how the technology developed by CMB.TECH can be further rolled out in the 500 truck Van Moer Logistics fleet.

Hydrogen truck 01

On the 3rd of June 2021 CMB.TECH presented its multimodal hydrogen refuelling station in Antwerp and the international developer of hydrogen solutions also introduced its first hydrogen truck. Thanks to its dual fuel technology, the truck has several advantages over other hydrogen trucks. The truck has a longer range, is cheaper to buy and has no loss of cargo space on the trailer.

From November, the truck will join the Van Moer Logistics transport fleet, the Antwerp-based logistics provider with a total fleet of 500 trucks.

CMB.TECH is satisfied that they have found a convenient partner to be the first to test the hydrogen truck in Europe.

We were looking for a reliable and stable partner who was willing to go through the testing phase of our hydrogen truck with us. Van Moer Logistics shares our vision of reducing the emissions of the transport industry with financially viable and reliable technologies. Testing this first CMB.TECH hydrogen truck is a first step towards rapidly scaling up and rolling out more similar trucks on European roads by 2022.
Alexander Saverys - CEO CMB.TECH
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The dual fuel hydrogen truck will be used for the first time for transport between the Delhaize distribution centre in Zellik and our supermarkets in the Antwerp region. We are therefore proud that we can work together with two strong Belgian companies such as Van Moer Logistics and CMB.TECH on more sustainable transport solutions. Only together can we build a sustainable future for future generations.
Dieter De Waegeneer - Executive Vice President Operations at Delhaize

How does it work?

The dual fuel hydrogen truck can add hydrogen as a fuel in its converted diesel engine to consume less diesel and produce less CO2. If necessary, the engine can also run completely on diesel. In addition to CO2, NOX emissions are also reduced by up to -70%, but given the very ecological after-treatment on new diesel engines, this also results in a reduction in AdBlue consumption. By using the existing diesel engine and drive train, the investment cost of this truck can be reduced to 1/3rd of a zero-emission alternative.

With a full tank of hydrogen the truck has a range of 500km and if necessary the truck can continue to run on diesel for another 3000 km.

The dual fuel functionality is what makes this truck so interesting, the goal is to drive 100% on hydrogen, but in daily life on the road you have to take unpredictable factors into account such as traffic jams and waiting hours. Thanks to the diesel reserve, we don't have to worry about the truck running out of fuel in the middle of its journey. By applying this technology to the new trucks we buy today, we can continue to operate in the usual way, but enable the scale-up of hydrogen refuelling stations and the associated infrastructure.
Jo Van Moer - Founder and CEO of Van Moer Logistics
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