E-power® International

E-power® International is a company with a rich history dating back to 1990, known for its expertise in assembling generator sets and a global presence spanning over 60 countries.

E-power® International.

E-power® stands as the premier producer of small to medium-sized power generators in the Benelux region, offering a wide range of generators from 1 to 600 kVA tailored for diverse applications across industries.

At CMB.TECH, we recognise the importance of transitioning to sustainable energy solutions, and we are excited to be part of e-power®'s journey towards a greener future. One of the notable milestones in this journey is the introduction of the 250kVA hydrogen dual fuel genset, which they launched together with NENS Power.

This generator with a Volvo Penta Stage V D8 industrial engine, applying CMB.TECH's hydrogen dual fuel technology, will be used for port operations and off-grid power generation.

Reliable, non-polluting and zero emission. Hydrogen is becoming the number one fuel of tomorrow; we can’t deny the fact it will be a very important player in building a better future.
Jens Fets
Sustainable Solutions Manager at e-power® International
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