JPNH2YDRO is the joint venture between CMB.TECH, TSUNEISHI FACILITIES & CRAFT and Kambara Kisen. JPNH2YDRO is actively working on the development of H2ICE solutions in Japan, not just in the shipping industry, but also in both the maritime and land-based industries.

JPNH2YDRO also acts as a member of the exploratory committee of CNP ports in some selected candidate ports. JPN H2YDRO took delivery of the first H2ICE-powered commercial passenger ferry HydroBingo in July 2021, following approval by JCI (Japan Craft Inspection Organization). TFC has been certified as "Innovation Endorsement" by Class NK.

TSUNEISHI FACILITIES&CRAFT CO. LTD. is active and unique in shipbuilding and construction among TSUNEISHI Group. With manufacturing bases in Japan (Tsuneishi Factory, the HQ), the company builds mainly aluminium alloy passenger ships and based on continued innovation for environmentally-friendly next generation shipbuilding and creating added value through its craftmanship.

KAMBARA KISEN is one of major business segments corporation of shipping and logistics among TSUNEISHI Group and founded in 1903 as the Group’s business origin. KAMBARA KISEN currently owns 42 vessels for its container liner services between Japan & China and global chartering business. KAMBARA KISEN has overseas affiliate companies in Shanghai, Dalian, Qingdao, Singapore and Amsterdam.

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AUGUST 10, 2021 in Marine
Hydrobingo, the first hydrogen-powered ferry, has been presented

BELGIUM / JAPAN 10.08.2021 - Today Tsuneishi and CMB presented the Hydrobingo, the world’s first hydrogen-powered ferry. The Hydrobingo was realised through the joint venture between the two companies : JPNHYDRO.