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MAN Engines is our go-to partner for efficient engines, axles, and transfer cases in the performance range of 37 kW to 1,471 kW (50 hp to 2,000 hp). Their team of expert engineers has developed cutting-edge engine solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Dual fuel MAN engine

Dual fuel engine

One of the most notable achievements MAN Engines made with us is the 749kW strong dual fuel engine, which is based on the 24 litre V12 - MAN D2862 LE428. The engine was co-developped by MAN Engines and CMB.TECH for dual fuel use and retrofitted with a hydrogen injection system, which injects hydrogen just in front of the intercooler. The hydrogen manifold is double-walled and manufactured with the latest 3D additive manufacturing technology.

The dual fuel engine solution is used in various applications, including the Hydrocat 48. The operating behaviour, fuel consumption, and other characteristics of the engines correspond exactly to the MAN D2862 LE428 with the same performance. They use a pre-treatment method to add a precisely measured quantity of hydrogen to the charge air, which is then ignited by the injected diesel fuel in the combustion chamber of the cylinders.

Depending on the engine's operating point, only a small amount of diesel fuel is needed, and the diesel injection parameters are optimized in dual fuel mode to achieve the lowest emissions and the best consumption values. This results in considerably less CO₂ being released in the exhaust gases, while the operating behaviour and full load characteristics remain unchanged. In the event of any problems in the hydrogen circuit or a depleted hydrogen supply, a switch back to diesel can be made at any time, ensuring uninterrupted operation and normal reliability.

MAN Engines is committed to develop further engine variants for propulsion with higher power output and gensets. They are constantly working on new innovations and solutions to meet the changing needs of their customers.

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On Tuesday, 10 May 2022, Windcat Workboats and CMB.TECH announced that the first hydrogen-powered CTV is ready for immediate operation after successful completion of trials and bunkering. This ground-breaking development for both the marine and offshore wind industries is the first CTV that uses clean fuels to reduce up to 80% of its traditional fuel usage and associated emissions. The Hydrocat 48 is a further green development, introducing clean fuel technology on the already very fuel efficient and high performing Windcat MK 3.5 design.