Cleanergy Namibia

Cleanergy Namibia is a joint venture between CMB.TECH and the O&L Group. Cleanergy Namibia will develop green hydrogen production projects in Namibia including leading the green hydrogen production plant and demonstration hub, its first development in Namibia and the continent. The aim is to produce green hydrogen from solar power and distribute the clean fuel to heavy-duty applications like trucks, locomotives, mining equipment and ships. The O&L Group’s strong local Namibian footprint and expertise in the development of renewable energy parks, and the hydrogen and industrial knowhow of CMB.TECH are a powerful combination to deliver this unique project.

The Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group is Namibia’s largest privately owned company with a history of 103 years.

O&L employs 6,500 people and generates revenue of more than N$ 6.5 billion. The group is active in various business sectors, mainly fishing, hospitality, properties, retail, dairies, meat processing,engineering, IT and energy among others.

O&L Nexentury represents the energy business unit of the O&L Group and focuses on the development and implementation of renewable energy systems and desalination plants. Nexentury draws from management experience of over 300 MWp installed PV power systems across Europe and Africa. The O&L Group and CMB Goup have partnered in a Namibian Joint Venture to kickstart the Hydrogen economy in Namibia. In 2021 both parties decided to start the development of a hydrogen demonstration hub which will be commissioned by end of 2023 in the Erongo region.

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