Van Moer Logistics

Van Moer Logistics is a strategic intermodal logistics partner, currently with a fleet of 500 heavy trucks, 9 barges and a warehouse capacity of 480,000 m².

Hydrogen truck 04

Van Moer started operating the first CMB.TECH’s first dual fuel hydrogen truck in 2021. The truck is used in a first phase to transport goods for the supermarket chain Delhaize, to supermarkets in the region of Antwerp, where the truck can refuel Hydrogen at CMB.TECH’s H2 refuelling station. Over the coming months, the truck will also be deployed for other customers of Van Moer to prepare a fleet wide integration of the dual fuel truck.

Both CMB.TECH & Van Moer are partnering up to implement the H2 dual fuel technology in inland vessels and port equipment.

With this technology, a door-to-door green supply chain can be offered.