Off-road applications taking advantage of hydrogen fuel.

CMB T5 38

Dual-fuel tractors

Pressurised to 350 bar, the five type III hydrogen cylinders stored on top of the cab store 11.5 kg of hydrogen.

The cylinders contain enough hydrogen for eight hours of dual-fuel operation. When empty, the tractor can continue to run on 100% diesel.

Jos Scholman commissioned the first two T5.140 H2 Dual Power tractors, which they will use for mowing and trailer work.

The amount of hydrogen that is mixed in varies from 30 to about 60 percent. With a light load, this is relatively much, with a heavy load it decreases. This is deliberate in order to be able to use hydrogen throughout the day.

Arjan Verweij - Sales Zone Manager, New Holland

Dual-fuel straddle carriers

A world-first project, CMB’s Straddle Carrier will be the first dual-fuel vehicle of its type in the world.

The straddle carrier will feature:

  • A retrofitted dual-fuel engine
  • Type III hydrogen storage cylinders
  • 46kg of hydrogen storage
  • Fast refuelling capability, enabling daily refuelling

Widespread adoption of these vehicles will massively reduce localised emissions within ports, without hindering daily operations.

H2 straddle carrier 01

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