CMB.TECH builds, owns, operates and designs large marine and industrial applications that run on hydrogen and ammonia. CMB.TECH also offers hydrogen and ammonia fuel to its customers, either through own production or by sourcing it from third party producers.


At CMB.TECH we build, own, operate and design large green marine and industrial applications. Applications that run on hydrogen and green ammonia, the fuels of the future.

Our technology is simple. We use combustion engines that burn hydrogen and ammonia and emit no CO₂. Combustion engines are much cheaper than other technologies, they are reliable and can be deployed at MW (megawatt) scale.

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Business units


A future-proof fleet powered by hydrogen and ammonia.


Industrial applications that run on hydrogen.

H₂ infra

Technology and infrastructure to produce and distribute the clean fuels of the future.

Technology & Development Center

A fast growing highly skilled engineering team with nearly 20 years of experience with hydrogen systems.

Latest news items

CMB TECH Boeckmans
NOVEMBER 29, 2023 in Marine

CMB.TECH and Boeckmans to build 4 future-proof hydrogen-powered 5.000dwt general cargo vessels

CMB TECH and DBR marine dual fuel hydrogen genset
OCTOBER 12, 2023 in Marine

CMB.TECH and DBR build first marine dual fuel hydrogen gensets

Generator E Power
SEPTEMBER 29, 2023 in Marine

Launch of the first 250kVA hydrogen dual fuel generator set using CMB.TECH’s technology