Hydrogen storage

Compressed hydrogen

CMB.TECH has developed standardized hydrogen storage systems which are marine approved. A set of compressed hydrogen tanks are combined into one stillage which has its own control unit. Each tank has a pressure and temperature sensor, which is used by the control unit to determine the amount of hydrogen. The stillages are interchangeable, so in case of maintenance they can be easily swapped by the spare set by which the service can be guaranteed.

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Vestas is using our first hydrogen-powered offshore service vessel, the Hydrocat 48

As part of its journey towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030, without the use of offsets, Vestas will explore how the world's first hydrogen-powered crew transfer vessel (CTV), the Hydrocat 48, can help reduce carbon emissions from its offshore service operations. Vestas does this by launching a pilot program in collaboration with long-term supplier Windcat Workboats.

JUNE 30, 2022 in Varia
Groundbreaking strategic investment in hydrogen by Ports of Stockholm in collaboration with CMB.TECH

Ports of Stockholm and CMB.TECH are joining forces in a unique hydrogen collaboration at Stockholm Norvik Port. The investment in hydrogen will encompass port operations and will also expand service offerings to shipping companies and haulage firms, as well as other customers and collaboration partners. The goal is for Stockholm Norvik Port to be Sweden’s most climate-smart and sustainable port.