CMB.TECH's core technology focuses on hydrogen combustion technology, hydrogen storage and hydrogen/ammonia implementation. The knowledge and experience has been gathered through more than 15 years of designing, testing and operating cleantech systems. CMB.TECH has developed a wide range of applications ranging from ships to trucks and from gensets to excavators. For the development of medium and high speed H2ICE, strategic development agreements have been signed with several OEMs and engine manufacturers.

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AUGUST 10, 2021 in Marine
Hydrobingo, the first hydrogen-powered ferry, has been presented

BELGIUM / JAPAN 10.08.2021 - Today Tsuneishi and CMB presented the Hydrobingo, the world’s first hydrogen-powered ferry. The Hydrobingo was realised through the joint venture between the two companies : JPNHYDRO.

AUGUST 26, 2021 in Industry
CMB.TECH and Luyckx present hydrogen-powered excavator

26.08.2021 - Today CMB.TECH and Luyckx present the first hydrogen-powered dual fuel excavator. This machine provides gradual ecological development within the heavy construction and earthmoving sector. With this machine, companies within the sector can embark on energy transition with today's machines without being permanently dependent on the availability of hydrogen.

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OCTOBER 28, 2021 in Industry
Van Moer Logistics and Delhaize put first dual fuel hydrogen truck from CMB.TECH into operation

The dual fuel hydrogen truck will be tested for Delhaize supermarket deliveries from November. The truck has the potential to reduce CO emissions by up to 80%. After the test phase of 12 months, it will be determined how the technology developed by CMB.TECH can be further rolled out in the 500 truck Van Moer Logistics fleet.