Our History

The CMB Technologies Division was created in 2015, as the company regarded technological innovation as one of the key factors in creating a business that is future proof.

Pictures Hydroville 9
Towards a Hydrogen-based future: Hydroville

The aim of the new division is to develop new technologies that will improve the efficiency and environmental impact of the CMB vessels in the future.

One of the priorities was to build a Hydrogen-propelled boat. This is how in 2016, in partnership with Revolve Technologies Limited (RTL), research and development work started to create a pilot project with which CMB is searching for alternatives to heavy fuel oils for its ships: Hydroville.

The Hydroville is the world's first passenger ship to use hydrogen in a diesel engine. This project has further enhanced CMB's outstanding reputation in the area of innovative technologies and sustainability.

Never miss an opportunity

As the success of the experiment continued, in 2019 CMB NV acquired RTL, fully integrating the whole team of executives, engineers, and technicians for a highly capacitated innovation and development division.

CMB.TECH is a specialised engineering services business providing powertrain design, development, prototyping, testing and integration services for the marine, automotive, and rail industries since 1995

We are early participants in low carbon technologies, having being continuously active in this sector, pioneering and developing hydrogen combustion engines (H2ICE) and systems

Our team have extensive experience in the design, prototype vehicle build, development and systems integration of modern hybrid and fully electric vehicles, successfully applied to a wide range of customers and partners.

The CMB.TECH main office, located in Brentwood, Essex, houses engineering teams, dyno test facilities and workshops including all support activities, engine build, engine test, electrical & electronics build, fabrication, and a model studio.