WinGD, a leading Swiss marine power company, develops low-speed two-stroke engines for marine propulsion. Well-known for expertise in developing advanced propulsion technology, WinGD remains at the forefront of advances in environmentally sustainable marine engines.

Bulk Carrier powered by ammonia Win GD

Ammonia-powered two-stroke engines

In a partnership with WinGD, CMB.TECH is developing ammonia-fuelled two-stroke engines.

These marine engines are the platform to allow the use of zero-emission fuels. This partnership will showcase the ammonia dual fuel X72DF engine in a series of 210,000DWT bulk carriers. The first ship that will be fitted with this engine will sail at the beginning of 2026.

The partnership will demonstrate the use of ammonia as a marine fuel and will showcase its commitment to pioneering zero-carbon fuel.

This partnership is a significant step in accelerating our ammonia technology roadmap for a zero-carbon future. Having CMB.TECH’s input into the engine development is invaluable given their alternative fuel expertise and their ship operator’s perspective on how an engine concept is implemented and ultimately operated. The project is an opportunity to widen the roll-out of ammonia technology across our portfolio, in line with our commitment to the energy transition in shipping.

Dominik Schneiter - CEO WinGD

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