Ford Otosan

Ford Otosan, established in 1959, is Ford Europe’s largest commercial vehicle production centre, with a production capacity of 721.700 vehicles, 436.500 engines, and 140.000 powertrains in 2022.

Ford Trucks and CMB.TECH signing

Dual fuel hydrogen trucks

Together with Ford Otosan – the driving force behind Ford Trucks – CMB.TECH is making significant strides in sustainable transportation, with a particular focus on the successful conversion of Ford F-Max trucks into dual fuel hydrogen trucks.

At the core of this collaboration is CMB.TECH's dual fuel workshop in Antwerp, where the transformation of Ford F-Max trucks is well underway. The innovative hydrogen dual fuel technology seamlessly integrates into these trucks with minimal modifications, showcasing the efficiency and scalability of our approach. This dual fuel solution optimises fuel usage and reduces emissions.

This partnership marks a significant step towards the development of hydrogen technology in the truck manufacturing industry. With both companies’ expertise, the collaboration aims to contribute to the energy transition’s innovative demands.

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Ford Trucks and CMB.TECH signing
JUNE 06, 2023 in Industry
CMB.TECH & Ford Trucks announce partnership for the conversion to dual fuel hydrogen trucks

CMB.TECH and Ford Trucks are pleased to announce a new partnership for the conversion of Ford F-Max trucks to dual fuel hydrogen trucks, using ground-breaking hydrogen technology. The trucks will be converted in CMB.TECH's Dual fuel workshop in Antwerp, with the goal of delivering the first trucks in 2023 and to further scaling up the concept.

CMB.TECH Workshop
DECEMBER 13, 2022 in Industry
CMB.TECH launches its first dual fuel workshop to convert new trucks into dual fuel hydrogen trucks

CMB.TECH is pleased to announce the opening of the first dual fuel workshop to further scale up truck conversions. This can reduce traditional fuel usage and associated emissions by up to 80%. The first dual fuel trucks will be delivered to clients by March 2023. CMB.TECH anticipates converting 20 trucks a month.