An affordable and reliable hydrogen powered solution for heavy road transport.

The challenge of energy transition

Making the energy transition happen is not like flipping a light switch. Most people are convinced that hydrogen is the solution to make the energy transition happen, but how to get there is still unclear for heavy industries. Fuel cell technology is not the magic bullet which solves the concerns correlated with the use of the clean fuel of hydrogen. CMB.TECH developed a transition technology that is green, affordable and reliable.

Camion à hydrogène CMB.TECH

CMB.TECH dual fuel technology

The dual fuel technology used for the hydrogen trucks is today's solution to enhance the transition towards a zero-emission society. It's based on the reliable ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) technology. With the dual fuel technology, hydrogen is aspirated into the combustion chamber, requiring less diesel injection. It saves emissions and generates the same engine power.

Advantages of the dual fuel technology

  • Besides the direct CO₂ reduction due to the diesel displacement, significant NOx and PM emission reductions are achieved.
  • Guaranteed uptime: if hydrogen is not available, the truck continues to run on traditional fuel.
  • No compromise inrange (up to 1000 km in dual fuel mode with diesel back-up), payload and durability.
  • The hydrogen refuelling only takes up to 10 to 12 minutes.
  • The most robust and reliable solution for clean, long-haul transport of more than 400 km per day.

New diesel trucks are converted with CMB.TECH's dual fuel hydrogen technology at our Dual fuel workshop in Antwerp.

An easy conversion process

The conversion process starts with the mounting of the hydrogen tanks on the trucks and the installation of CMB.TECH's injection ring on the engine. Next, the engine control unit is installed. Thereafter, the quality control and validation of the dual fuel hydrogen trucks will take place in the dual fuel workshop.

CMB.TECH hydrogen system

  • Full weight of the module is 1200kg.
  • 6x Type III tanks - total storage of 30kg of hydrogen at 350bar - R134 certified.
  • Operation can continue on diesel if hydrogen runs out and no hydrogen refuelling station is available.
  • On diesel, the vehicle complies with the latest Euro 6 emission standards.
  • Hydrogen co-combustion has no compromise in range, payload, robustness, and durability, while having the ability to offer a great emission reduction on both CO₂, PM and NOx.


At CMB.TECH, we are dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to our clients. Our dual fuel technology provides an affordable, reliable and green option for heavy duty industries looking to make the energy transition happen. Trust in our experienced engineering team to provide you with the best available technology for clean, long-haul transport. Contact us!

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