How does the dual fuel technology work?

Hydrogen is released from the storage tanks and brought to low pressure, then injected into the air inlet of the engine at the right time and dosage. By aspirating the hydrogen a part of the diesel fuel is displaced to get the same amount of energy from combustion.

During hydrogen injection, the engine corrects its injection of traditional fuel. Less diesel means less CO₂, so adding hydrogen equals a CO₂ reduction 1:1. In this first generation, engine efficiency and NOX emissions are the same or better compared to the original diesel engine. The system is designed to work on top of the existing hardware and electronics of the engine and machine. It can therefore never affect the reliability or performance of the machine.

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In case of a fault or damage to the system, hydrogen blending stops and the storage bottles close automatically in a safe mode. Thus, no significant quantity of hydrogen can leak or explode. If the safe mode is engaged, the engine automatically switches back to 100% traditional fuel, without the operator feeling it. He only receives a message on the display! The switch between diesel and dual fuel can also be made if no refuelling is possible or due to customer requirements or contracts.

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