A world-first project, CMB’s HydroTug will be the first tugboat in the world to be powered by combustion engines that burn hydrogen in combination with diesel.


CMB has looked at the available technologies and found that, based on current industry demands and operating behaviour, hydrogen is the only fuel which can provide a zero-emission future.

The hydrogen dual-fuel tug is a great new opportunity for businesses, services and industry to reduce their emissions.

Tugboats use medium speed diesel engines which can be converted easily into a dual-fuel (hydrogen – diesel) powered vessel. The modifications to the vessel are minor and the new components are already proven in other industries, resulting in low risk to the owners.

The HydroTug will sail by Summer 2021, and will be used by Port of Antwerp for its daily operations.

  • 400kg of hydrogen is stored in the aft compartment below deck.
  • Each hydrogen refuelling saves the total emissions of 1 car for 1 year.

With HydroTug, CMB confirms its international pioneering role in the transition to ships powered by environmentally friendly fuel. This project can be an enabler for large Hydrogen infrastructure in port areas, following the example of the refuelling station in the port of Antwerp

Hydrotug 01