CMB.TECH is leading the way in the transition to ships powered by environmentally friendly fuels, and the Hydrotug is a prime example of this. It's the world's first tugboat to be powered by combustion engines that burn hydrogen in combination with traditional fuel.

The Hydrotug is an enabler for large hydrogen infrastructure in port areas, as was showcased by the construction of the hydrogen refuelling station next to the port of Antwerp. This project is just one of the ways in which CMB.TECH confirms its international pioneering role in the transition to eco-friendly fuel sources.

Hydrotug 1 CMB TECH

The world's first tugboat to be powered with the dual fuel technology

Tugboats typically use medium speed diesel engines, which are suitable for dual fuel technology. The components are already proven in other industries, resulting in a low-risk solution for tugboat owners and operators. The hydrogen dual-fuel tug is a great new opportunity for businesses, services, and industry to reduce their emissions.

In 2022, the Hydrotug arrived in Ostend. The vessel will contain the hydrogen system and after completion, she will be operated by the Port of Antwerp and is part of an integrated greening program for the Port of Antwerp-Bruges fleet. The Hydrotug is being deployed as an important step in the transition to a climate-neutral port by 2050.

The Hydrotug will feature:

  • Type III hydrogen storage cylinders
  • 54 individual cylinders
  • Total of 405.5 kg of hydrogen
  • Two MW V12 dual-fuel BeHydro engines
  • Stage V SCR and particulate filter
  • 65 ton bollard pull
  • Tractor tug
  • Classification alongside Lloyd's Register
  • Brusselle electric winch
  • Double hull
  • Volvo Penta IMO tier 3 (SCR) auxiliaries
  • Three person manning
  • Max. 499 GT
H Ydrotug V2 XRAY