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Generator E Power
SEPTEMBER 29, 2023 in Industry

Launch of the first 250kVA hydrogen dual fuel generator set using CMB.TECH’s technology

NENS Power and e-power® are taking concrete steps towards green power generation for temporary energy supply. This generator with a Volvo Penta Stage V D8 industrial engine, applying CMB.TECH's hydrogen dual fuel technology, will be used for port operations and off-grid power generation.
SEPTEMBER 28, 2023 in H₂ Infra

Cleanergy Solutions Namibia kicks off construction works for Africa's first public refuelling station with onsite green hydrogen production

Cleanergy Solutions Namibia, a joint venture between the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group and CMB.TECH, announces a premiere: the bricklaying of Africa’s first public green hydrogen refuelling station. The hydrogen production plant established in Walvis Bay, Namibia, uses solar energy for hydrogen production onsite. This innovative facility will supply hydrogen to trucks, port equipment, and railway applications. As an integral part of this project, a Hydrogen Academy will be established to educate and train local individuals on hydrogen technology and its wide-ranging applications. The hydrogen refuelling station is expected to be fully operational by mid 2024.
Ford Trucks and CMB.TECH signing
JUNE 06, 2023 in Industry

CMB.TECH & Ford Trucks announce partnership for the conversion to dual fuel hydrogen trucks

CMB.TECH and Ford Trucks are pleased to announce a new partnership for the conversion of Ford F-Max trucks to dual fuel hydrogen trucks, using ground-breaking hydrogen technology. The trucks will be converted in CMB.TECH's Dual fuel workshop in Antwerp, with the goal of delivering the first trucks in 2023 and to further scaling up the concept.
MARCH 30, 2023 in Industry

Antwerp Terminal Services (ATS) and CMB.TECH launch World’s First Hydrogen Dual Fuel Straddle Carrier

Antwerp Terminal Services (ATS), a joint venture between MSC PSA Europe Terminal (MPET) and PSA Antwerp (PSAA), today officially launched the world’s first H2 dual fuel straddle carrier in the Port of Antwerp during a brief ceremony. Using state-of-the-art H2 dual fuel combustion engine technology, developed by cleantech company CMB.TECH and integrated into a straddle carrier with the support of ATS, the machine runs on a mix of hydrogen and diesel. It can therefore play an important role in reducing terminal greenhouse gas emissions.
Hydrocat 01
FEBRUARY 27, 2023 in Marine

The Hydrocat 48 won in the Marine category at the Hydrogen Awards

CMB.TECH won at the Hydrogen Awards with the Hydrocat 48 in the Marine Category!
Bulk Carrier CM Bpowered By Ammonia
JANUARY 31, 2023 in Marine

WinGD and CMB.TECH co-develop large ammonia-fuelled engines

WinGD and CMB.TECH bring combined expertise to zero-carbon fuel technology in groundbreaking collaboration for fleet of ammonia fuelled bulk carriers.