Established more than 85 years ago, Boeckmans has built an extensive knowledge and reputation providing a range of services related to the maritime industry. With offices in Belgium and the Netherlands, Boeckmans specialises in maritime logistics solutions, and matches supply and demand of cargo and vessels and optimises transportation modes. Their extensive network and sector expertise ensure efficient and reliable services, making them a valuable CMB.TECH partner.

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Future-proof hydrogen-powered 5.000dwt general cargo vessels

Our collaboration with Boeckmans signifies a shared commitment to driving sustainability in the maritime industry. Together, we’re leading the development of four future-proof hydrogen-powered 5.000dwt general cargo vessels. These vessels, designed jointly with Handelskade, will revolutionise maritime transportation and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Boeckmans’ expertise and industry reputation make them an integral part of our mission to transform maritime transportation for a greener future.

The ship’s primary design philosophy is to achieve lower emissions through hull shaping, innovative design and the application of the latest technologies. We succeeded in reducing emissions by 40% compared to traditional general cargo vessels in diesel mode. This can be reduced even further by implementing new sustainable propulsion systems and create storage space for fuels such as hydrogen. The ship’s diesel-electric configuration simplifies the integration of new systems into the power grid.

Pierre Durot - Director of Boeckmans

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