Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta is a world-leading and global manufacturer of engines and complete power systems for marine and industrial applications.

Building on a successful collaboration that began in 2017, CMB.TECH and Volvo Penta have expanded their collaboration. The primary objective is to scale up the implementation of dual fuel technology in the industry, thereby enabling the market to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our collaboration with Volvo Penta began with the remarkable prototype D4-300 engines, expertly employed aboard CMB.TECH's Hydroville. Building on this success, our partnership expanded, resulting in the development of the dual fuel D13-1000 engine. This prototype engine now powers the Hydrobingo vessel which is sailing in Japan.

In 2021, we embarked on yet another exciting project - the conversion of an industrial D8 engine to a hydrogen dual fuel engine!

Volvo Penta & CMB.TECH engine

Dual fuel hydrogen-powered solutions

CMB.TECH developed a hydrogen dual fuel engine in collaboration with Volvo Penta. This engine operates similarly to the regular D8 model but mainly uses a blend of hydrogen and diesel instead of just diesel, due to the dual fuel technology. The dual fuel solution's main advantage is that it will reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases up to 80%, while at the same time provide a robust and reliable solution. And, if hydrogen is not available, the application continues to run on traditional fuel, safeguarding productivity.

Volvo Penta and CMB.TECH are collaborating with OEMs to develop and test pilot applications. Once the pilot applications pass the endurance testing phase successfully, the machines will move into serial production. CMB.TECH brings its expertise in H₂ system and storage integration to support the partners in creating fully functional H₂ dual fuel applications. Initially, the development will prioritize port-based material handling, off-grid power generation, and smaller-scale marine applications.

Hydrogen as a renewable fuel source for Volvo Penta engines

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